How To Stake

On, staking is done in two actions. You first have to stake your NFT, and you then need to stake VOID to it in order to earn your yield.

Create your WAX Wallet and log in to WhenStaking

Signup for a WAX Wallet on or Anchor and log into WhenStaking.

Staking the NFT

In order to stake your NFT, you need to go to the Home page of WhenStaking, select a stakable NFT (you can filter by stakable collection) and click the stake button.

This will prompt you with a popup that will ask you for the lockup period. This lockup period is the time you want your NFT to be staked for. The APR is for 365 days, so your earnings will equal :

Staking VOID to your NFT

VOID is the utility token used for staking and for earning yield on WhenStaking. For an NFT to earn you a yield, you need to stake VOID to it. To do so, make sure that you have already staked that NFT and get to the lease NFT that was issued to you (you can filter by leases only). Then press the Stake VOID button on the top right of the card.

This will prompt you with a popup that will ask you for the amount of VOID you would like to stake to this NFT. The maximum staking amount varies depending on the NFT and the collection. You can check each capacity here.

Rewards and Leased NFT

Once you have staked VOID to your Leased NFT, our contract will automatically send you your yield upfront. Your initial investment will be given back to you when you reclaim your NFT at the end of the locking period.

You can also use your Leased NFT as a normal NFT during the duration of the stake, as the Leased NFT has the same utility as the original NFT.

Video Tutorial

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