When you get into the game, you are equipped with a set of close-combat weapons and a bow that you need to use to defeat your opponents.

Close-Combat Weapons

Whether it's swords, axes, or maces, your close-combat weapons are your strongest advantage in HodlGod. They will deal 10 damage and are used by pressing LMB.

To make your close-combat weapons more accurate, you can press MMB to target lock your opponent. This is also required for certain skills like the freezing sword


Your bow will help you keep your enemies at a distance and allow you to shoot them from range. Very close arrows will deal 5 damage, close arrows will deal 10 damage, while further shot arrows will deal 20 damage. Medium distance shots will deal 15 damage. This can change if you use your bow together with one of our spells. To use your bow, aim using RMB and then shoot using LMB.

You can also use your bow as a close-combat weapon, but it will only deal 5 damage.

Smash To Ground

Smash to Ground is a powerful area damage attack that is performed by being in the air, looking down at the ground, and pressing LMB. This will bring your character to the ground with a powerful smash that will hurt any enemies in range and deal them 20 damage.

Dash Attack

As seen in moving, the dash can help you travel a few meters, but it can also be used at the same time as you are attacking your enemies. To perform a dash attack, dash using C and press LMB at any time during the dash.

Fighting is not the only way of dealing damage in HodlGod, spells can also be used.


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