How to Create My Own Scholarship

While HodlGod has its own scholarship program, investors can also develop scholarships using the infrastructure we have created for them.

The following is not supported by Onessus and is to be set up on your own. Take your own precautions as we do not assume liability for any adverse outcomes.

  1. Buy some Bounty Contracts or Immortal Gears on AtomicHub or forge them.

  2. Login to

  3. Locate the NFTs you just bought and stake them for the period you desire (up to 365 days). Staking an NFT will create a Lease version of the NFT, which you can give to others to use for their in-game utility. You can find a tutorial on that here.

  4. Send the Leased NFTs to your scholars. The leases will automatically become unusable after they expire.

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