We recently created a new badge blending system, allowing warriors to forge their way up to get the most exclusive Bounty Contract to date: the Centurion Bounty Contract. To begin forging please visit here.

Trophies are the first thing required to fuel this forge. Trophies can be earnt two ways Play-To-Earn, Stream to earn or for purchase from the marketplace.

Game credits are also required to forge. Game credits are available for purchase here exclusively in VOID tokens. VOID can be earnt playing HodlGod or to learn more about how to buy VOID please visit this guide. Experienced Crypto enthusiasts may already be comfortable with how to use an exchange if so proceed directly to the market. You can additionally forge 50 Burn Credits using 50 Warrior Badges and forge 100 Burn Credits using 20 Mercenary Badges.

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