HodlGod is very fast-paced, which means that we offer a lot of different ways to travel across the maps and evade or engage your enemies.


You can walk using WASD and you can run by combining WASD with Left-Shift. You can also jump by pressing the space bar.

Double Jumping

Double jumping allows you to quickly jump high. You need to double press the space bar quickly to double jump.


You can dash in all directions by pressing WASD and C. Dashing will make you travel a few meters in a few milliseconds, it can be very useful to catch up to your opponents, or to run away from them.

Air Dashing

Similar to normal dashing, this dash makes you travel a few meters in the air. Simply press LMB when facing the direction you want to go to while you're in the air.

Air Stall

Air Stall allows you to float in the air by pressing RMB. It has a global timer of 2s that allows you to float in multiple batches, either to get from one point to another, or to get an overview of a fight... the choice is yours.

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