Bounty Contracts/Immortal Gear

In HodlGod, Bounty Contracts/Immortal Gear Sets are NFTs that symbolize strength, power, and make you stand out. They also allow you to earn extra rewards within the game. Bounty contract/Immortal Gear NFTs are crafted using a set of four Immortal Shards. These NFTs can be transferred, loaned, traded, sold, and of course used in HodlGod. See here. Immortal Gear/Bounty Contracts can also be staked on WhenStaking.


VOID is Onessus' native utility token. An EOSIO token on the WAX network, VOID is the cryptocurrency that powers all Onessus products, present and future, including HodlGod. VOID is currently available to purchase with WAXP on the Alcor exchange.


WAX is the blockchain on which HodlGod exists. It is used to issue our NFTs and maintain our ecosystem. It is also the network on which our utility token, VOID, is traded. WAXP can be purchased on Binance and Kucoin.


Play-To-Earn is how we allow people to earn from playing our games and using our ecosystem. In HodlGod, you have multiple ways of earning while playing that you can find here.


Stream-To-Earn is a streaming program put in place by Onessus that allows you to stream yourself playing one of our games and earn VOID and NFTs out of it. More details can be found here.