How To Get Started

This guide will provide you with the basics for getting started enjoying the Onessus and HodlGod ecosystem.

Downloading and Starting the Game

HodlGod can be easily downloaded here. Once downloaded, simply open the patcher and it will download the latest version. You can then create your account directly on the game and start playing immediately.

Opening your WAX Wallet and Linking it to the Game

HodlGod is free to play and does not require you to have a WAX Wallet to play. But if you want to be earn some NFTs and some VOID, you will need to create a WAX Wallet and link it to the game. This will allow you to benefit from the Play-To-Earn aspects of HodlGod.

Understanding your Game Controls

Hodlgod is played with your swords, your bow, and your spells. Make sure you read our Gameplay section or watch our tutorial to learn how to get the maximum out of what the game has to offer.

What can you Earn in HodlGod ?

HodlGod is a Play-To-Earn game. That means that you can earn simply by playing. To earn, you will need to link your WAX Wallet to the game, pick up the in-game drops and win your way through the game, as in each game, the winner takes all. You can also equip badges that will grant you extra rewards every time you pick up one of the drops.
HodlGod doesn't require you to have CPU/RAM/NET but the transactions that you will be doing might require you to stake some to your wallet on bloks.io (ie. receiving rewards, buying packs)
Last modified 2yr ago