Welcome to NiftyVille

Welcome to Onessus' official second P2E project built using Unreal Engine

What is NiftyVille?

NiftyVille is one of the first open world metaverse MMO games with a player-driven economy based on the real world. One of the first to be built using Unreal Engine on the Ethereum network. As our goal is to link the virtual world to the real world, many of the NFTs in NiftyVille will be redeemable for real-world equivalents!

Own a business, become a real estate mogul, customize yourself and your properties, socialize, explore, complete missions, join in events solo or with friends, compete in PvP, and earn passive income. Climb the ranks of Niftian society and become a mayor, take your seat on the city council, and decide the future of your town. Maybe even become the one and only Governor, using the top echelon of power to help those around you, or maybe just serve your own interests. It's your choice.

The possibilities are as endless as your creativity, and every choice you make, every NFT you sell, and every mission you complete affects the economic world around you. You, as the player, help decide the future and fate of NiftyVille.

NiftyVille is a community-driven sandbox, and with the metaverse at your fingertips there's only two questions you should ask yourself:

Who will you be, and how will you leave your mark?

The information contained in this Gitbook and the resources available are for educational and informational purposes only.

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