World Map

"A map, it is said, organizes wonder."
NiftyVille consists of one big island with various smaller islands just offshore. With 13 points of interest and 12 square Km of space, there's plenty to explore, and a myriad of opportunities to expand and earn. NiftyVille varies in geography and local infrastructure from region to region. From forests, lakes, swamps, coastline, mountain ranges, to city centers, small towns, rural villages, military infrastructure, and even remote, long forgotten places that few dare visit. Mysteries and intrigue litter NiftyVille: sinister secrets, dastardly plots, and hidden alcoves. What does it all mean, and who, or what, could be behind it all?
Time to start digging for the truth.
As NiftyVille grows, and the playerbase expands, more islands and landmass may be added to continue offering new experiences and adventures. The world may even change based on the choices of the community, city council, or by forces unknown and unseen. We take the community's suggestions seriously, so please continue to offer us your feedback and keep the suggestions coming!
The most updated version of NiftyVille

NiftyVille didn't start out this way, take a look at the first map.

Depicted on the left: original map and concept of NiftyVille in earlier stages of development vs. depicted in right: the most up-to-date version of the map