What is $VOID?

And where you can get it
$VOID is our own original token that powers all of our projects at Onessus; from P2E gaming and various NFTs, to our very own staking platform, WhenStaking.

Where to purchase $VOID?

Currently, you can purchase $VOID with WAXP on Alcor.
If you are unfamiliar with WAXP, you can purchase it on Binance, or feel free to see our 90-second quick start guide here! This was created for our other game HodlGod, but the same applies for NiftyVille.

Quick guide on how to start

Up until this point, we have been heavily focused on the building of our games and products. This has given plenty of time to our early adopters to accumulate $VOID before this moment, in which now we are gearing up to go full force to bring $VOID to major exchange listings.