Tier 6

This tier constitutes a property with it's associated role
Tier 6 is the top of the top. The big dog; the head honcho.
This tier will include the highest roles one can obtain, including the Governor of the state of NiftyVille.
The Governor of NiftyVille will have the largest property in the world. It comes with all of the other rewards of the previous tiers, but of course, combined and multiplied.
The Governor of NiftyVille will be the leader of City Council, and will unmistakably have the most influence of any Niftian as to the direction of the world. The Governor will be able to help the NiftyVille community thrive and reach its fullest potential. This can be done in many ways, by adding things to NiftyVille as requested by the citizens, changing tax rates and increasing imports/exports, increasing jobs provided and any other request that can be made by the citizens.
It's good to be on top.
But don't think that we forgot about the SuperVillain role either! One lucky Niftian will be able to take on this role and own the top secret bunker hidden somewhere within the map of NiftyVille.
Other tier 6 roles will be introduced throughout the project