Exotic Cars

What "Exotic Cars" in NiftyVille mean
Our Exotic Cars NFT series is a collection of 999 vehicles, sold before launch to our most dedicated supporters. At the end of the sale, the holder with the most exotic cars won a real life Lamborghini! Yes, you read that correctly. A unique prize valued at approximately $280,000 USD.
You can check out the details, rarities, and more on our blog. (Please read carefully, Terms and Conditions apply).
Once you become an official owner of an Exotic car NFT, you will be able to access these vehicles and drive them in-game. However, you will still need to earn NiftyCoins and advance your character to a certain level before you can unlock it in-game.
Transportation has successfully been facilitated, who are we delivering to?
Six variations of the Exotic Cars of NiftyVille
The amount of NiftyCoins and the XP needed in order to unlock a vehicle in-game has not yet been announced.
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