The world of NiftyVille will be split into two types of servers: PvE and, further along in development, PvP. At launch, servers will be able to support 50 to 100 players. In the beginning, we will have limited server regions but we will extend to every region possible. We will also have private, exclusive servers for special action-packed events, game modes, VIP property holders, and more. How Nifty is that?
Once pre-alpha launches, you can interact with your friends in PvE mode, race around in exotic vehicles, and use various weapons to fight off NPCs!

Basic Controls

T : Open the weapon wheel
Up Arrow : Draw up your phone to be able to spawn your car via the mechanic
M : Open your map
Q : Open the emote wheel. To assign emote, quit to main menu, press Customization and Emotes.

Using your telephone

Pause menu

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