How $VOID will be used
NiftyVille's earning potential is realized through the power of our in-house cryptocurrency, $VOID. It is used in various ways, and here we break down the basic tokenomics of $VOID and how it powers the economy.
  • $VOID is used to purchase certain valuable NFTs, as well to access exclusive whitelist events
  • Players can stake $VOID along with their NFTs to earn a passive income, and gain more utilities in-game.
  • Players earn $VOID in-game based on which NFTs they own, what drops they find while exploring, winning various game modes and activities, along with POAPs, and through various in-game job opportunities
Check out more details on the utility and uses of $VOID here. $VOID can also be purchased on Alcor, and you can stake eligible NFTs from our collections on WhenStaking to yield more $VOID.
As you play, you'll also earn NiftyCoins, our "non-crypto" in-game currency. You can use this in-game unique currency to improve your gameplay experience. Use your skills, in-game items and NFTs to rise up in the ranks, and purchase properties to expand your experience and increase your earnings.
Last modified 2yr ago