Virtual Real Estate in the metaverse
At Onessus, we value both rarity and utility. We wanted properties in NiftyVille to be unique, exciting, and you guessed it, rare. That's why there are only 750 NFT properties available with no intention to create any more! While many other projects oversaturate their markets right out the gate, in NiftyVille, property is scarce and highly sought-after. Owning even one property is rare, and cements you into Niftian history. The property is yours and consistent across all servers, and the community can see that you are the owner.
All properties offer rewards of increasing increments the higher up the tier list you go. From useful crafting resources, utility NFTs like weapons and cars, all the way up to exclusive airdropped NFT properties!
Lease out your properties for passive income, use them as advertisement space for your IRL businesses or social media, and collect regular drops of resources and NFTs. The earning potential of properties can't be understated, and even a trailer park or burnt down house has rare inherent value.
Use contractors to upgrade the aesthetics and add on additional rooms to your personal preferences. But remember: contractors don't work for free. In order to upgrade components of your property (big or small) one will need to submit a request to our contractors (our wonderful development team). They will then work to bring your custom and personalized items to life on the server. Please understand that this process will happen in the order in which the requests are submitted, so try to remain patient with us through the initial stages of this. Prices will vary based on the modifications and services requested which can be paid in $VOID.
We want the revealing of properties to be fun and special, so once you purchase a property, you will have to hop onto the server to find it based on the address. If a player visits your property, they will be able to see in-game who owns it! Players' usernames will appear on the property based on who owns it. This feature will not be available at initial release, but it is on our roadmap and we are excited about this unique feature.