How to Earn

How can I earn?
There are various exciting ways to earn in-game valuables, NFTs, and of course, $VOID. It is important to understand how the economy works to get a complete understanding of how you can start earning. Please make sure to visit the referenced page.


One of the primary methods of passive income generation in NiftVille is through owning various NFTs and $VOID. One of the most sought-after NFTs are properties. Properties offer a unique opportunity to earn in the vast metaverse, as well as providing in-game benefits. Once you add in our original staking platform, WhenStaking, it is the perfect recipe for earning the highest yields possible.
Another way players are able to earn in-game is through virtual jobs! This is to come later on our roadmap, but we are excited to bring real-life-equivalent jobs to the metaverse.

Get Creative

Own a property? Think smart! This is your opportunity to be a business owner. Leverage owning real estate by advertising other players' brands in return for NiftyCoins or $VOID. Or, advertise your brand, products, favorite projects, or yourself if you wish.


We will also have a Stream-to-Earn (STE) program that works much like the one for our other game, HodlGod. Check the link here for more information on how our program works currently.
In addition to both of these, exploration is another creative way we reward players for searching far and wide for drops hidden across the world. Scattered across the massive map are NFTs and other valuables just waiting for an intrepid explorer to discover them. Get familiar with the map, explore all the different areas, and get rewarded for your curiosity. This is available in our PVE modes, and is one of the major ways for players to earn during the early pre-alpha stages.