PvP (to be Released)

Player vs. Player

In this game mode, PvP is allowed even outside of isolated events. All events in this mode are focused on other players. Hunt them down, fulfill your contract, and collect your pay day.

Compete in deathmatches, bounty, position wars and other gamemodes to test your skill against 50 to 100 other players.

  • The PvP Player: These players will typically focus on the PvP mechanics of the game. Competing with other players to earn NFTs and get the rush that comes from high intensity gameplay that you would expect in today's popular PvP games such as Warzone, Fortnite, or something like Ark Survival Evolved. We have a few PvP game modes on our roadmap, but the primary one will be our innovative "Hitman Mode".

Please see our roadmap for information regarding PvP

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