Player vs Environment

In PvE mode, you can be different types of players.

  • The Social Player/Roleplayer: These players typically just like to explore, hang out, have a good time, and make memories within the virtual world. These types of players can still make an income via play-to-earn through exploration and POAPs (proof of attendance protocols), but typically won't make as much as the other archetypes.
  • The PvE Player (“Regular” NV player): These players will have a great time completing the story-line, grinding to level up their character and progress within the game. This type of player will also have a blast with exploration and uncovering the secrets of the world. While completing missions, grouping up with friends for some co-op action and increasing their in-game skills. All of which will be tied into the play-to-earn and NFT mechanics to make the experience even better!
PvE mode will be available at launch in Q2 of 2022.