Connecting your Wallet

What wallets do you need to get started, and where can you go to get them

Do I need a wallet in order to play NiftyVille?

You can play NiftyVille without a connected wallet, but if you want to leverage the true Play-To-Earn economy, you will want to link it. When the time comes, you can simply do this on the welcome screen by going to the Link Wax Wallet menu and following the instructions. We will post a tutorial video on this very soon, but it works much like our other game, HodlGod.

Where Can I get a WAX Wallet if I don't have one?

Creating a wallet is simple and free. If you don't have a WAX wallet, you can sign up for one on the WAX site here. You can even simply log in using an OAUTH provider, like a Google account which you may already even have credentials cached for in your browser to make this process even quicker.

Wait, I thought this game was built on ETH, why do I need a WAX wallet?

All primary NFT drops for NiftyVille will take place using the Ethereum network. However, our original token $VOID is currently supported on the WAX network. Due to this dynamic duo, we have created an NFT bridge to link the two networks. However, in order participate in the play-to-earn mechanics, you will need to have a WAX wallet connected to the game.

Always keep your private login information secret, safe, and secure. Do not share your passphrases, passcodes, or passkeys with anyone, even if they claim to be a staff member.

In some support cases, you may be asked to share your wallet address. This is safe to hand out as it does not give anyone access to your account. However, you may still prefer to do so privately.

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