Why not both?
With Ethereum being one of the most prominent blockchains for dApps, its growing attraction has created much congestion. This can lead to low throughput, poor UX, and lack of sovereignty. This issue is not without solutions, however, which is why we plan to use such solutions from the start.


We are connected with WAX and a Layer 2 chain as our solution for scaling. WAX is a blockchain and protocol token specifically designed to make e-commerce transactions safer, easier, and faster for both individuals and dApps. WAX also runs on a proof-of-stake system, which lends itself to carbon neutrality.

Why WAX for NiftyVille?

We want to continue to use WAX for a few reasons.
  • We’ve already built a tested and audited play to earn infrastructure within Unreal Engine on WAX. So we reused it.
  • WAX is currently processing more transactions on a daily basis than any blockchain in the world. Meaning mainstream adoption is possible here.
  • We are also using Polygon as a L2 for NiftyVille, so it will be a combination of WAX/Polygon for scaling. This will reduce congestion, increase transaction speed, as well as provide a greater variety of assets that could be used to improve upon our unique ecosystem.

The Bridge

Onessus powers a bridge which allows people to purchase NFTs using ETH and transfer them to WAX to make use of their utility on both our staking platform and in the game.