Tier 2

This will be among the most numerous variety of properties that players will find within NiftyVille.
Official T2 Property NFT
Tier 2 is your residential properties.
These include homes and town and city apartments. These are properties mostly used as residences and living quarters.
Use contractors to renovate your interiors, show off your NFTs on wall posters, paintings, advertisements, and more. Host parties on your property, or just hang out with friends using your home as a base of operations.
Owning these properties will give you quite a bit more useful NFT resources than the Tier 1 properties. These NFTs will also allow you to craft some exclusive NFTs with utility, such as vehicles, guns, and skins.
There's nowhere like home; especially one that pays you in Ak-47's.
A Nifty Apartment Complex
The Interior of a T2 Home
Backyard and Neighborhood of a T2 Residential Property